How do I book an Appointment?

To book an appointment call 226-224-1450.  If your call is not answered, leave a message and you will be called back within 24 hours.  Alternatively, you can email a request for an appointment to You can also like us on Facebook (,  or follow us on Twitter (, for updates and for notifications of specials, and we will respond to messages sent to us via those media.

Prior to your first snuggle session, a one hour consultation will be held at a public location (a coffee shop, library, or location agreed upon between you and the snuggler) in order to ensure that both parties are comfortable with moving forward into this kind of physical, therapeutic relationship.  The cost of this consult is a nonrefundable $20, but if both parties want to move forward that $20 will be deducted from your first snuggle session.  At that meeting a contract laying out expectations and terms required for snuggle therapy sessions will be signed and, if both parties agree, the first snuggle session can be booked immediately upon completion of the consultation.

You must be over the age of 18 in order to book an appointment.

Where is this located?

London Snuggle Therapy operates from a private home on the edge of Old South (voted the best neighbourhood in Canada in 2013), just outside of downtown London.

If you prefer not to come to snuggle at the space provided (and there are stairs so people with mobility devices may not be able to access the space), your snuggler is open to going to meet you where you are.  Your home or a park on a sunny day are other great options for snuggle spaces.  The details of this can be arranged when you meet and sign your contract with your snuggler.