Who do you snuggle with?

Male, female, trans* or genderqueer, we snuggle with all people, young or old or in between, who are over 18 years of age. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, tall or short, big or little, able-bodied, differently-abled, or disabled, we believe that nobody is untouchable and everyone deserved to be held in a way that communicates to them their fundamental loveliness as a human being.  Given that the need for platonic affectionate touch is universal, we welcome people from all races, religions, cultures, ethnicities, and places of origin.

However, please note that our current location is not wheelchair accessible and so if you require a mobility device, snuggling may have to take place at another location as arranged between you and the snuggler.

What should I wear?

Loose fitting, comfortable, indoor clothing is expected – at minimum underwear and a pair of shorts extending at least halfway down one’s thigh to one’s knee, and a t-shirt are necessary.  This clothing must be worn at all times during the session.  If you need to change clothing before or after a session, a private changing area will be provided for you.  Pajamas also work well, as long as they cover areas normally covered by undergarments.  Track pants or loose fitting clothing are also suggested.  The key here is dressing for comfort and dressing in a way that contributes to a non-sexualized experience of touch.

Please do not wear any colognes or perfumes as this is a scent sensitive environment.

Can I wear nothing?

No, absolutely not.  Remember, this is about a non-sexual, therapeutic form of touch.

Where can we snuggle?

Anywhere you like in the space provided.  Some people like the couch.  Others prefer the bed.  Still others like to cuddle in a blanket and pillow fort on the floor.

Can we have sexual contact during snuggle sessions?

No.  Snuggle therapy is about a form of therapeutic touching that is not sexual.  All physical contact is intended in a platonic, affectionate manner.

Where can we touch each other during our session?

Areas that may or may not be touched will be discussed and agreed upon in advance between the snuggler and the client.  For example, some folks like to have the back of their necks caressed or tickled.  Other folks do not want their necks to be touched at all.  However, in all cases, areas normally covered by conservative underwear are off limits to touching with one’s hands.  No kissing, nibbling or using one’s mouth to touch any area of the other person is permitted.

But what if arousal takes place during a snuggle session?

Sexual arousal can occur when two bodies touch, especially as we have been taught to consider this sort of touch as sexual.  You and your snuggler will discuss how to handle this in advance.  Options may include but are not limited to: simply ignoring the arousal, shifting to a different position, or taking a short break apart.

Can I talk or engage in other activities during my snuggle session?

Yes, you certainly can.  You are free to talk and anything you state will be treated confidentially (the exceptions to this being if you disclose information causing the snuggler to conclude that you are an imminent risk to yourself or another person or if you disclose information about minors who are experiencing violence or at risk of violence, in which case the snuggler has a duty to break confidentiality and report that information).

Sexually suggestive topics of conversation will be grounds for termination of a session.  A snuggler will provide you with a single warning should a conversation become inappropriate in this regard. If this warning is ignored, the session will be terminated without a refund being provided.

However, you do not have to talk – it’s entirely up to you and we are just as comfortable snuggling silently as we are listening and talking with you.

Alternatively, you may choose to watch a movie or play a game during part or all of your session.

Am I supposed to tip?

No, tipping is neither desired nor permitted.  What you pay for the session, as determined by our rates, is the only payment required and accepted.